Our mission is to transform healthcare administration by automating what should be automated, and humanizing the rest.

OODA Health currently works with...

CommonSpirit Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Blue Shield of California
Hill Physicians Medical Group

Introducing OODAPay,
a modern cloud-based healthcare payment platform.

OODAPay is the only solution that fundamentally transforms patient billing by realigning the role of all parties in the system, empowering each to do what they uniquely do best.

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Healthcare is a team sport

Currently, patients struggle to track, manage and pay their bills, while providers shoulder an increasing burden of administrative expense and bad debt.

Meanwhile, payers depend on this structurally flawed system to administer benefit designs and are left out of a critical point of engagement with their members.

This creates a perfect storm of uncoordinated payer and provider communications and patient dissatisfaction, resulting in poor repayment rates and frustration for all parties involved.

OODA Health is using an innovative approach to change the paradigm between payers, patients, and providers. We work intimately with our partners to break through the barriers of antagonism — because healthcare should be collaborative.

A few words from our partners

Paul Markovich

President & CEO  | Blue Shield of California

"What we're aspiring to do is to create a situation where when you leave as a member or a patient the doctors office or the hospital it's like checking out of the grocery store. Everything is paid for when you leave. There's no hassle, there's no six page legal document that comes later, it just works the way much of the rest of your life works. In order to make that a reality you need a partnership. You need an entrepreneurial company that is creative and innovative and creates a neutral platform to make this work for all health plans and providers. OODA is a group of entrepreneurs that have been there and done that."

Lloyd Dean

President & CEO  |  Dignity Health

"The partnership with OODA allows us to address something that we have been concerned about for a long time. And that is how can we create a system that allows physicians to do what they answered the call of medicine to do, and that is to serve and to address the health needs of their patients. One of the complications is understanding bills, it has been a long issue for provider organizations across the country. We think that this partnership with OODA will allow us to demonstrate to the nation that there is a better way."

Jeff Semenchuk

Chief Innovation Officer  |  Blue Shield of CA

"OODA is a team chock-full of intelligent, collaborative, and inventive people who have come from a variety of sectors in order to create the most thoughtful products. In the work that Blue Shield of California has taken on with OODA Health, we identified pain points for members and physicians and created an integrated claims payment tool that allows for those issues to be solved for the larger healthcare system – our solution is intended to help the greater population."

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