Feb 18, 2020


3 min

GO!: OODA Health 2020 Kickoff 


OODA Health

One of our values at OODA is prioritizing people and one of the best ways we’ve done this is through investing in spending time together during our annual offsites. In mid-January we had our 2020 kickoff in Midway, Utah. Eighty-four OODANs from all functions and from around the country met, many of us for the first time, to kick off the new year. 2019 was an exciting year for us. Some significant milestones included:  piloting our patient billing product, OODAPay, and piloting our second product focused on streamlining claims processing. We also moved into new offices in both San Francisco and Salt Lake City to accommodate our rapidly growing employee base. 

Our 2020 kickoff theme was “Go!”, with the goal of focusing the time on celebrating our wins from 2019, looking ahead at what we have to accomplish in 2020 and aligning everyone to hit the ground running! We started the two-day event grounding ourselves in the reason we are all at OODA - improving the patient experience. We started here because, at OODA, our products help to support the most sensitive and vulnerable moments in people's lives. While it’s easy to get lost in the data, we are focused on not forgetting the stories and patients that are behind every number. To do this, Traunza, our Head of People Operations, hosted a fireside chat with Parul Somani, a former healthcare executive who is a cancer survivor and inspirational speaker. Parul spoke with us about her journey and experience in the healthcare system and the role she hopes OODA will have in changing the system. 

We then spent the rest of the first day aligning around our 2020 goals. Seth, our CEO, discussed our ambitious, yet achievable goals for 2020, and the roadmap to Go! accomplish them. A highlight of the first day was our VP of Engineering, Director of Provider Partnerships, and CEO singing a song (in full costume) about how we’re changing healthcare. We spoke about the value of building a diverse and inclusive team and how we’re going to become more diverse over the next year. We concluded the day with group activities, snowshoeing around Park City or axe throwing. 

The second day focused on team development and interactive exercises. After discussing the need for diversity, equity and inclusion, we did a privilege for sale exercise, to evaluate our own privilege and help us become aware of what we take for granted daily. This exercise was not only incredibly eye-opening but also a way to discuss real and important issues with members of the team. It also paved the way for our volunteer activity, where we packaged lunches for 1,000 elementary school children. The exercise was a great segue into our session on working personality types, and how to best work together as a team. After debriefing, we headed to the airport - excited to Go! over the next year.

After an exciting, inspiring, and eye-opening two days, our team is ready to hit the ground running, and work on transforming healthcare in 2020. 

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