OODA Optic™

The foundation of modern collaboration

Finally, a next-generation prior authorization platform for providers, payers, and patients. Providers no longer need to fax paper authorization forms to payers, only to wait days or weeks for a manual review process that often results in more information requests. The process is a burden on our healthcare system, costing money and time. Learn how OODA Optic solves these problems.

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delivering real-time, automated prior authorization

OODA Optic integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, increasing operational efficiency for payers and providers


turnaround time


provider abrasion


administrative costs

OODA Optic streamlines prior authorization processing by automating document handling and introducing direct EHR connectivity to bypass the need for documents altogether.

The vision

When a provider initiates an order, a prior authorization is immediately processed in the background without requiring any human intervention from the provider and payer — as simple and fast as a credit card transaction.

Providers only engage if the prior authorization is denied. Payer clinical staff only review cases that a machine cannot. Payer workflows are automated and information flows seamlessly to clinicians.

the solution

OODA Optic takes the pain out of prior authorization

  • Increase alignment between providers and payers.

  • Reduce the greatest sources of inefficiency: submission, triage, and clinical review.

  • Create improved clinician and patient experiences.

OODA Optic capabilities

Next generation intake

Using modern OCR & AI technologies to automate the intake and enable intelligent routing of prior authorizations as well as patient medical records.

Direct EHR connectivity

During patient intake, OODA Optic uses real-time EHR data to automate information retrieval.

Intelligent records review

OODA Optic’s real-time decision engine compares services requested against a patient’s medical record and payer policies providing clinical flags and data highlighting.

Facilitate provider prior authorization submissions

Automatically populate prior authorization forms with EHR data.

Increase rates of prior authorization approvals 

Intelligently parse clinical data to meaningfully increase automated decision making.

Powerful analytics & integration

Integrates claims, clinical knowledge & economic modeling to ensure policy efficiency.

OODA Optic fully automates the intake process

OODA Optic requires minimal implementation and process changes.

Industry-wide, only 13% of prior authorizations are processed electronically, leaving patients to wait to receive the care that they need. The delays creates patient anxiety and the additional visits creates unnecessary system cost.

OODA Optic replaces the manual processes for patient intake and eliminates the data entry time with direct integration into provider EHRs and portals.

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