Jaden Heinecke

People Ops Generalist

What brought you to OODA Health?

First, the role exactly matched with what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to work as an HR Generalist because it meant that every day will be different. Then, as I researched the company, read the Glassdoor reviews (they were awesome), and learned more about OODA’s mission, I was intrigued. Once I met the team it solidified everything for me. The people, the company, the values- be kind, prioritize people, believe in the win-win, be bold, be passionate, act with integrity. They’re so simple. They resonated with me.

What is something you’re proud to have accomplished during your time at OODA?

The monthly orientation of new hires. The goal of the orientation is to help the new team members learn more about us and to get to know the team, including the executives. It was supposed to be an in-person event. When COVID-19 began, the orientation transitioned to virtual. We faced a lot of new challenges doing it virtually, but it’s been successful. We’re learning what works & what doesn’t.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I’m constantly learning and taking on new challenges. For example, I’ve become more familiar with the benefits process. So many people get lost with benefits- gaining a better understanding of the options has allowed me to help people. That’s rewarding.

What makes OODA unique from other places you’ve worked?

The people. I’ve never been a part of such a genuine group of people who care deeply about one another. Not only when it comes to business, but also personally. People have authentic connections with one another.

What is something that you’re really proud of that the company has done?

I’ve talked to a lot of friends about how their companies have stayed quiet about the current social justice issues. While some had the Juneteenth holiday off they didn’t really understand the reason why. It was really neat that we had a learning event in the morning and could celebrate in the afternoon. It was special that we had Taylore, an African American member of our team who is from Texas, where Juneteenth originated, and her family members talk about the significance of Juneteenth to them. It brought new awareness. You get a different perspective when you hear it from someone you know...even when it’s uncomfortable.

What is the best tip you have found to effectively work from home?

I started time blocking about 2 months after the quarantine started. That has been really helpful and allows me to focus on just one thing. Some of the things I block time for include lunch, workouts, and special projects.

What is your favorite all time app?

Yelp! It’s nice because I’m visual. It’s helpful to read reviews and see pictures of restaurants.

Would you rather go a day without the internet or a day without food?

The internet easily! I get hangry! Also, I really like to disconnect - especially on the weekends.


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