Princess Brookes

Prior Authorization Specialist

What brought you to OODA?

I was working on the frontend, in customer service, interacting with clients for several years at other companies. I knew I could help patients or members by being on the back end. When I saw the position at OODA, with it being on the backend, I knew I wanted that experience. Working to do things like process insurance, work with prior authorizations, the things that patients don’t see going on but that help improve their overall healthcare experience. That’s what brought me here. I love helping people, but I liked the backend of things, and I needed something new.

Tell us about your role at OODA

I work as a Prior Authorization Specialist. For prior authorizations, we receive authorization requests from providers. We have to review all the data to decide whether the request has all the necessary information to submit to a nurse for approval. We check to see if medical records are required, are the right ones attached, does it have the appropriate diagnosis? Once we have all of that, it makes the nurse's job easier to approve or deny the request. The role is detail-oriented. You have to be familiar with coding (ICD/CPT, etc.).

What is something you are proud to have accomplished during your first several months here?

We started a process from scratch with a spreadsheet and a stopwatch (in the beginning, we used a stopwatch to track the average handle time to process prior authorizations). Seeing all the different applications, working with engineering and product, testing things to make sure they work. The biggest accomplishment for me is knowing that the client is happy and giving us more work. That is great. That makes me happy.  

In your mind, what makes OODA unique?

I’ve worked several work-from-home jobs, including with other healthcare companies. From the beginning, OODA was different because there are so many different channels for us to communicate and get to know each other. The book club, Thanksgiving lunch hour with my team, weekly all-hands meetings, a lip sync battle. It makes you feel like you are a part of a real team - no matter where you live - to connect with people in these ways.

What is something that you have learned while working at OODA?

I have learned how to write procedures, workflows. I’ve learned more about the business aspect of things, like what it takes to start certain lines within your company and extend them out. What do clients need, how do we meet those needs in a startup company? These are new experiences for me.

What is the best tip you’ve found for working effectively from home?

Take breaks, stand up, stretch, make sure you have a designated workspace. Order Uber Eats or Doordash- when you’re in the office you go out and treat yourself- do the same at home. Even after work, I try to get out of the house.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have small kids. Both of my boys play football. We have football practice three times a week, Saturdays they have games. We also love to watch college football as a family. I like seeing my kids happy.

Who is your favorite college football team?

Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide.

Who do you cheer for when they play each other?

I cheer for Alabama to create competition in the house. My husband loves the Bulldogs. I try to pull one of the boys to cheer with me. Roll Tide.

What is an interesting fact about you

I don’t like animals. My kids & husband want a dog. This year I might crack and get them a dog. My kids want a Bully Pitbull.

What is your favorite all-time app?

Pinterest. I love DIY projects, home decor, clothing, fashion, all that type of stuff. I’m surrounded by boys, so I like to have my girly things.

Would you rather go a day without the internet or a day without food?

I cannot go a day without food. A day without the internet at my house would be chaotic, though.

What would you say to someone considering coming to work at OODA?

OODA is the place to be. I talk about my job all day to my family and friends. They want to come work with me because I talk about OODA so much. I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else.


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