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Transforming the Patient Billing Experience through Payer and Provider Collaboration

Watch our latest webinar where Jeff Semenchuk, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue Shield of California, Steve Scharmann, VP of Revenue Cycle Management, CommonSpirit Health, and Seth Cohen, CEO, OODA Health, discuss how they are improving patient experience and lowering administrative cost, two critical priorities for payers and providers.

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Why patient payments are a system issue

From surprise balance bills that saddle patients with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, to questionable collections practices from even nonprofit hospitals, to the steady rise of unaffordable deductibles, the state of consumer healthcare payment in the US is broken.

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Executive summary for providers

Fed up with chasing patient payments? Today, 40-70% of patient bills go unpaid, despite increasing investment by healthcare providers in collections activities.

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OODAPay overview for payers

OODAPay works with payers and providers in a collaborative model that enables payers to deliver a superior member experience and relieve providers of patient billing responsibility.

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OODAPay overview for providers

With OODAPay, providers focus on delivering high-quality care, while payers are empowered to engage their members in a superior billing and payment experience that is consistent and consolidated across providers.


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