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May 13, 2021

The inevitable revolution: from healthcare to an 'ecosystem of health'

We have waited eagerly to see what big tech and startups with bold ambitions would do. But, David Holmberg, CEO of Highmark Health, and Annie Lamont, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Oak HC/FT, are working with--and within--some of the largest incumbents to transform healthcare into an ecosystem of 'health' and they have results.

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Product sheet

OODAPay overview for providers

With OODAPay, providers focus on delivering high-quality care, while payers are empowered to engage their members in a superior billing and payment experience that is consistent and consolidated across providers.

Product sheet

Executive summary for providers

Fed up with chasing patient payments? Today, 40-70% of patient bills go unpaid, despite increasing investment by healthcare providers in collections activities.

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Why patient payments are a system issue

From surprise balance bills that saddle patients with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, to questionable collections practices from even nonprofit hospitals, to the steady rise of unaffordable deductibles, the state of consumer healthcare payment in the US is broken.

Product sheet

OODAPay overview for payers

OODAPay works with payers and providers in a collaborative model that enables payers to deliver a superior member experience and relieve providers of patient billing responsibility.


Mar 23, 2021

Supporting an improved patient experience in a post-covid shift to virtual care

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to virtual care and contactless consumer interactions, presenting both a challenge and opportunity: will healthcare finally catch up with the times? If you are involved in improving patient experience, managing revenue collections or provider networks, this is one webinar you will not want to miss.

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Mar 4, 2021

Transforming the Patient Billing Paradigm with Payer and Provider Collaboration

Leading through innovation, forward thinking payers and providers are collaborating to improve the patient billing experience. Join us to learn more about the journeys these organizations are taking in a free webinar.

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May 13, 2020

At the Front Line of COVID-19: How Leading Health Systems and Payers are Addressing Severe Financial and Operational Risks

As this pandemic continues to send thousands of patients to emergency rooms across the country, leading payers and providers are working together to shield patients from unexpected financial hardship.

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Mar 10, 2020

Transforming the Patient Billing Experience through Payer and Provider Collaboration

Improving patient experience and lowering administrative costs are two critical priorities for payers and providers. To accomplish these two priorities, payers and providers are reimagining the paradigm of patient billing through a unique collaborative model.

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