Mar 23, 2021

Supporting an improved patient experience in a post-covid shift to virtual care

For too long, the healthcare administrative experience has been fragmented and manual, leaving patients frustrated and confused.

Meanwhile, tech-driven consumer experiences in other industries have leapfrogged ahead, leaving consumers even more disappointed with healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to virtual care and contactless consumer interactions, presenting both a challenge and opportunity: will healthcare finally catch up with the times?

Combined, these several market dynamics are creating a decision point for payers and providers to finally deliver an improved patient experience.

Join us for a lively discussion led by Chilmark Research and moderated by OODA Health as we discuss some of these questions:
- What are the patient experience expectations that virtual care is creating?
- What can healthcare learn from consumer innovation in other industries?
- What lessons can we learn from early healthcare innovators?
- What are the administrative implications to payer and provider partnerships?

Early data, much of it still anecdotal, indicates that those who embrace these new market dynamics as positive forces for innovation are realizing increased patient loyalty and operating efficiencies, critical to improving the razor-thin provider operating margins.

The digital consumer opportunity in healthcare has also drawn in technology giants from other sectors, eager to take a swing at legacy infrastructure and behind-the-times processes.

Chilmark has engaged for nearly a decade in their analysis of payers and providers are uniquely positioned to guide the industry. OODA Health is a healthcare technology company and a dominant innovator, on a mission to reimagine the patient experience with a substantial success record of partnering with leading payers and providers.

If you are involved in improving patient experience, managing revenue collections or provider networks, this is one webinar you will not want to miss.

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