OODA’s vision is a healthcare system liberated from waste, focused on delivering affordable and high-quality care for all.

Healthcare is a team sport

OODA was formed around a team that shares a passion for healthcare entrepreneurship.

We believe that a great idea is important; however, based on our previous experiences building companies, we've seen that the quality of the team ultimately determines success.

Working closely together at another healthcare technology company  forged a bond of trust and fellowship between us that, even after individually pursuing a variety of paths, drew us back together to build a company of our own.​

At the heart of this team is a shared commitment to a cause greater than ourselves; an alignment on values and a belief that friendship and collaboration are essential ingredients to professional success.

This foundational commitment and our passion to transform healthcare shape the company we are building.

Our leadership team

Our advisors

Board members

Annie Lamont

Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT

Diego Piacentini

Senior Advisor, KKR & Co. Inc.

Emily Melton

Partner, Threshold Ventures

Giovanni Colella, MD

Chairman & Co-CEO, OODA Health

Ken Goulet

Former EVP, Anthem Inc.

Seth Cohen

Co-CEO, OODA Health

Steven Klasko, MD, MBA

President of Thomas Jefferson University & CEO of Jefferson Health