Introducing OODAPay™

OODAPay redefines the healthcare payment process to improve the member billing experience and increase payment collections.

OODAPay reimagines the member billing experience.

Our patient billing solution, OODAPay, is a cloud-based healthcare payment platform that relieves providers of the burden of patient billing and empowers payers to deliver a superior payment experience for members.

By equipping payers with best-in-class financial tools and services to directly engage their members on billing, OODAPay reduces administrative expense, improves collections outcomes, and achieves a 96% patient satisfaction rate.

Realigning the role of all parties in the system.

OODAPay is the only solution that fundamentally transforms patient billing by realigning the role of all parties in the system, enabling each to do what they uniquely do best.

With OODAPay, providers can focus on delivering high-quality care, while payers are empowered to engage their members in a superior billing and payment experience that is consistent and consolidated across providers.

With OODAPay, providers and payers work together to solve the patient cost-share conundrum; unlike with today’s uncoordinated and zero-sum approach.

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a powerful differentiator

OODAPay is a revolutionary paradigm shift.

Using OODAPay, payers send a guaranteed payment of the patient liability to providers immediately upon adjudication of the claim. The guaranteed payment is informed by historical collections and periodically increases as OODA Health improves collection performance over time.

Payer benefits include:

  • A simplified member experience

    No more confusing provider bills, uncoordinated EOBs and aggressive billing tactics.

  • Financial upside on patient collections

    Payers are able to leverage ongoing relationships with members along with best-in-class consumer tools.

  • Reduced administrative expense

    By eliminating the time and resources that both providers and payers currently invest in collecting from patients, payers can take costs out of the system.

  • Differentiated payer capabilities

    By owning the member financial experience, payers can design new products with meaningful incentives, sell concierge billing services, and even offer financing for elective care.

Providers receive:

  • Immediate payment & resolution of patient liability

    Providers are paid upfront compared to the months required to collect today.

  • Payment certainty & predictability

    Each provider is paid a guaranteed rate based on their historical collection rate that is then adjusted over time.

  • Improved patient experience

    Patients are delighted with having a consolidated bill vs. the typical scenario of disconnected provider bills and EOBs piling up in patients’ mailboxes.

  • Reduction of admin cost & effort

    Providers no longer have to bear the burden to collect as the billing function is transferred to payers.

Members can focus on healing, not paperwork.

Patients of participating providers will access a single, unified online experience, making it easier to view, understand, and make a payment towards a single balance.

Patients also have the option to choose 0% interest payment plans, with a term length of their choosing, which ensures bills are affordable and paid as patients prefer.

A few words from OODAPay patients

Julie J.

OODAPAY patient

“With OODAPay, I have experienced no anxiety about opening my medical bills, knowing I’ve got the flexibility to pay as I can. The billing is completely streamlined, every single claim is on one bill.”

Lauren M.

OODAPAY patient

“This new billing platform should be the standard for every single insurance carrier. I think it’s going to change so many people’s lives; it’s revolutionary.”